I’m guessing that you’re here because you might need assistance in understanding how you can position yourself to find that elusive perfect job and what you need to do to be the candidate of choice.

  • Or maybe you’re at a career crossroads, having been in the same job for a long time and you want to break out and do something different but still using all those skills you’ve built up over time. Career change? Why not.
  • Facing up to redundancy and the thought of having to walk through that job search minefield?
  • Finding that early morning commute becoming a pain? Need to redress your work/life balance?
  • Coming out of the Forces and wanting to know how to market yourself?
  • Worried about being too old?
  • What is this ‘unadvertised job market’ and how can you access it?
  • How about your CV? Looking a bit moth-eaten? Too long? Too short? Not informative enough? Will it impress the recruiters and hirers? What are they looking for?
  • It might be some time ago that you had to endure a formal interview so, can you hack it when it really counts?
  • What about self-employment and how difficult is that?
  • Interested in finding out more about Non-Executive Directorship (NED) positions and how to make a valuable contribution in the Boardroom?

The reality is that finding (and keeping) the right job is becoming more and more difficult. It’s also becoming trickier to jump through the hoops to impress potential employers.

If all that sounds familiar and perhaps a little daunting then maybe you are going to need my help. So, bear with me whilst I clamber into my suit of shining armour and saddle up my white charger…

OK, so that last bit is possibly a bit fanciful, but over the years I know that I have helped many people succeed in their quest for the right job, by showing them what to do – and more importantly what not to do – when it comes to working on their job search campaign.

The majority of my clients are Mid- to Senior-Level executives – Directors, Managers, etc. who are typically earning in excess of £50K+. I offer them a bespoke, personal service with one-to-one meetings and unlimited telephone/email support during the length of the programme – between 6 and 12 months. I teach them how to build and expand their networks and go through all the routes to market. Finally, as important as all of the above, I offer a confidence-building process to take you through the next career step…and the one beyond.

Coach, Mentor, Guide, Supporter, Advisor and Developer – all rolled into one.