About Me

I’m Ric Robinson-Horley and I’ve spent a long time helping executives understand the job market and assisting them to focus on the best way to find that elusive perfect job. I have had wide experience at Management and Board level and have a genuine interest in the business welfare of others.

I work with a select group of clients so that they can get motivated and prepared for the adventure ahead. I also believe in staying in touch with my clients, making sure they stay on the straight and narrow!

Over the years I have had the pleasure of coaching and helping many clients to move ahead, and have used my own experiences in a number of sectors to offer a well-rounded and eminently sensible approach. My approach with clients is to listen to their experiences relating to their skill sets and, having formulated a tailored campaign, help them market and present themselves with the aim to be head and shoulders above other candidates in today’s ultra-competitive job market.

I firmly believe that my varied experience in the business world has allowed me to help executives without being blinkered or limited in advice. From Banking to Recruitment and onwards to Sales and Marketing in Advertising, Real Estate, Aviation, FMCG, and Food & Beverage. Start-ups and working with existing companies.

Apart from the UK, I have had an amazingly valuable time living in Europe and North America, initially working for others before setting up my own businesses.

Since 2006 I have honed my skills in the Career Management and Transition field, based in London, and am also a successful Career Coach.