I know, I know, everyone has ‘testimonials’, but these are genuine and I’m indebted to those who took the trouble to write them. I hope they go some way towards helping you decide to ‘come on board’.


“Thanks for your help and support…I know you have a well-tried process and for me the key elements that I feel made the difference were:

The personal statement was probably the single biggest breakthrough. Really focussing on what was important to me and what I had to sell about me, then practising it with you got me over a real blockage I’d faced when trying to do this stuff on my own. Selling myself is perhaps the most difficult challenge I have faced. The regular updates with you gave me a sense of purpose and focus to my campaign which is a discipline difficult to find on your own.

So, was the process value for money?

Well, if it shortened my process by one month then it paid for itself. I’m absolutely certain you did that, many times over. Did I end up with a role that ticks most if not all of my boxes: yes. I don’t think you can get better than that.

From a personal point of view I’ve enjoyed working with you and appreciated your balanced contribution to my search. You kept me focussed and motivated, so thank you.”

Steve M.


“You are an excellent coach and anyone would be privileged to work with you.”

Rob C.


“I am dedicating my last sheet of posh stationary to record my deepest gratitude to you for helping me to secure the job of my dreams. It is no exaggeration to say that your expert guidance and encouragement has lifted me from the depths of despair and restored my joi de vivre.

You gave me a sense of purpose, focus and direction, and I would recommend you to anyone. I am continuing to hone the skills I acquired from the programme, and further networking has produced new contacts in the marine industry that will be of use in my new role.”

John V.


“Thank you for your guidance and encouragement over the last few weeks, I now feel much closer to my goal!”

Amanda A.


“I wanted to take a moment to thank you again for all your help. In particular I’m really happy with the CV, I think it’s a great representation of my skills/experience and having it helps significantly in terms of my confidence levels. I’m focusing on some positive networking leads and will be meeting with the key recruiters that I identified in the next couple of weeks. The plan, all being well, is still to have a couple of key meetings in place for my visit to NYC .”

Harvey T.


“I met Ric at the cross-roads of my career deliberations about 10 months ago. I had tried out one or two roads myself, but was not precisely sure which way was the ‘right way’ and how best to equip myself for the journey. Ric’s personality, empathy and in-depth industry knowledge was just what I was looking for. Like reading any map, you need to know where you are, and where you want to go in order to plot your journey. Ric’s gentle, but methodical approach helped me articulate the necessary information for him to be able to guide me, as I plotted my journey forward. His personal investment, mentoring and coaching were all extremely well received. With Ric’s support, I felt well-equipped to make the right decisions as I turned left … I can highly recommend working with Ric. He’s one of the few ‘real gentlemen’ out there ….”

Tyrone M.


“You are motivational, and very inspiring.”

Fiona T.


“Thank you for your help and patience, it has been really worth while, I know I have not been the best student, but I have learnt and I have been listening and taking things in.”

Marise T.


Working with Ric has been a breath of fresh air – his ability to support and advise has been of the highest quality.  His breadth of vision and information has meant that I have been able view the possibilities available to me with renewed vigour and he has inspired me to personal development in directions I could only otherwise dream of.

Ranko V.


“As a result of a third interview today with a software company called Iris I have been offered a role as QA manager on one of their business units. I have accepted … because the role will be challenging, the people I will be working with I really got along with and there are great future opportunities with the company. I do not think I would have got this opportunity without the help of your good self.”

Greg M.


“I wanted to share with you that not only has my son got into first choice University, but I have just accepted a permanent Change Manager role at Avios (used to be Air-miles). Much smiles and jubilation!! I start this Thursday!! It is only 8 miles down the road by Gatwick airport. It is very much the right fit and I have plenty of challenges to get stuck in with, just what I like!

So a big thank you for all your support. I have that confidence back and felt I could approach any interview with the right frame of mind. So all sessions including those we had on interviewing were very useful to say the very least.”

Chris H.


“Many thanks Ric. You’ve been a great help and I’ve enjoyed working with you too and wish you all the very best …”

Juliette C.


“I am writing to inform you that I have accepted a role as COO and partner in a newly formed Brand Management Consultancy Business which has been set up by an ex-colleague of mine from Research International. This represents an exciting opportunity for me and I start with them on Monday. Thank you for your counsel and support and I will keep you posted.”

Andrew W.


“I’m pleased to have secured the role as Head of Council Member Services at … – which builds to some degree on my governance experience at … and consulting work with various professional and membership bodies – and hope it will work out. The first couple of weeks have gone well, albeit feeling a bit strange to be back at work, and dealing with inevitable ‘new boy’ role in terms of understanding the place and the culture. But there is a lot to do, and it seems to be an intelligent and friendly place.”

Ross H.


“I would like to express my thanks to you and state that it was your prep and advice for the interviews that has helped me secure this role. Despite lacking confidence in the beginning should I need to put any of the practices in place I feel much more confident in networking etc.”

Jo M.


“Thank you Ric. I enjoy your warm professional challenge. Most helpful.”

Tom S.


“Just thought I’d drop you a quick note to let you know my job hunting has been successful.  I’ve had interviews for two jobs this week (one perm and one contract) and been offered them both.  So I’ll have to make a decision over the weekend.  Thanks again for all your help.  The re-writing and re-formatting of the CV was particularly helpful, as was the mock interview.”

Chris G.


“I am very grateful for your insight on my situation and the clear advice and guidance you gave me.  I have felt far more positive, and although I am going back to what I know, it is not with the same feelings.”

Paul D.


“I just wanted to say how much I have appreciated your support and guidance in the last 6 months! You succeeded in keeping me on track and were not afraid to change the plan when things weren’t working. I always left you feeling upbeat and with a new lease of life.”

Chris W.


“Thanks for the last meetings and directional advice. In reflection, I knew that the answer was staring me right in the face and I just needed a different view on the situation.

That all important next step seemed too big at first, but like an athlete standing looking up at an 18ft pole which is impossible to reach until you know how. This is only achievable by the individual firstly saying I will make the height and the coach saying you can do it.

Thank you for your time and vision.”

Steven K.